Transcendence- Rookie to pro

First things first. If one asks an individual on how to produce music, one can have a sea of opinions about the gadgets you need to buy, the software you need to download, the technicalities you need to comprehend. Well, they’re all valid, but you have to know how to produce music, you have to know what music you have to prepare in the first place. Those gadgets cant help you unless you have that flair and that skill to produce something no one has ever thought of before!

Baby Steps

music hackingWe have all heard about Chaos Theory. Well it doesn’t apply here. Be the saint of order and regulation. Arrange your sheets, your notes, organize your tunes in the manner you prefer and keep tabs. More importantly, have a backup of everything you’ve produced and experimented with till date. You can never tell with electronic devices.

Next up recording. Now you wouldn’t want a track that sounds like a tune from a black and white 50s movie. An improper signal or a low level recording can turn a perfectly amiable tune ghastly. Get those signals prim n propah.

Now that’s the signals all set, go for a dry run. Forget about the effects and the processing. Record your tune. Play it to yourself. Replay it. Close your eyes, block out the world and see how your tunes feel against your ear buds.

Forget about rules. This is your kingdom. Create manipulate as you please. Take a short break and start afresh. Muse shall visit you like your daily evening tea. Music production isn’t cake walk. The path to the Holy Grail is a dense and difficult one. Collaborate with artists out there. Understand how they think and feel about a certain tune.

Your kingdom is richer and now you can go to war, but only after you know how to produce music!